Why Software Should Not Have Owners

Administrator | June 14th, 2006

Richard Stallman An extract of the GNU philosophy. “The copyright system grew up with printing—a technology for mass production copying. Copyright fit in well with this technology because it restricted only the mass producers of copies. It did not take freedom away from readers of books. An ordinary reader, who did not own a […]

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Procedures & Protocoles

Administrator | April 7th, 2006

So far, A.I. has failed to deliver the practical proof. Instead, outside of its stated goal it has produced interesting technological and cultural by-products for fifty years, such as the programming language Lisp, or the GNU project that was initiated in the MIT artificial intelligence lab. (Florian Cramer) GNU laws for Free Softwares: 1. The […]

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Pythagore + Knuth = LaTeX

Administrator | March 17th, 2006

The idea that beauty materializes in numerical proportions according to mathematical laws continues to be popular in scientific and engineering cultures, too. Since the early 1970s, Donald Knuth, widely considered the founder of computer science as an independent academic discipline, published his textbooks under the title The Art of Computer Programming. He understands “art” as […]

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Copyrights and prints

Administrator | March 7th, 2006

In a broad historical and cultural view, copyright is a recent and by no means universal concept. Copyright laws originated in Western society in the Eighteenth century. During the Renaissance, printers throughout Europe would reprint popular books without obtaining permissions or paying royalties and copyright was created as a way to regulate the printing industry. […]

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Respecting the future?

Administrator | March 2nd, 2006

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