Administrator | June 7th, 2006

Construisez un livre comme un corps se mouvant dans l’espace et le temps, comme un relief dynamique dans lequel chaque page est une surface contenant des formes, et chaque page tournée une traversée vers la prochaine étape d’une structure unique. El Lissitzky, 1920

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Fonts and Letters

Administrator | April 8th, 2006

Ascii fonts and Ascii art. Through the most simple elements of language. Related to Perec’s contrainte technics, the ability of raising another meaning through text. The layout reduced to it’s minimal grid. Combinations, metatexts. Fonts done by fonts. Minimal, monospaced. The grid. The meaning pushed over the seeming.

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Pythagore + Knuth = LaTeX

Administrator | March 17th, 2006

The idea that beauty materializes in numerical proportions according to mathematical laws continues to be popular in scientific and engineering cultures, too. Since the early 1970s, Donald Knuth, widely considered the founder of computer science as an independent academic discipline, published his textbooks under the title The Art of Computer Programming. He understands “art” as […]

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In case of doubt, put “work” instead of “shop”

Administrator | March 11th, 2006

Fontshop logo guidelines.

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99 ways

Administrator | February 28th, 2006

Stuart Bailey, talking about a recent worksop at USC, california. Using Georges Perec’s system of the Exercice de style, where the same action is described in 99 different writing styles, Bailey interessantly evokes this practice into Graphic design language: “The implication of this in terms of graphic design is that any piece of work could […]

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