When in doubt, cut it up

Ex. from the editorial of
Electric Newspaper, issue 2.
Psychic TV


“So, in caseI.T. is unclear. Any and all of the audio files, loops, or even longer trance sections on this CD, are FREE to whoever wishes to utilise them. We, Ourselves, have all ways sampled, cannibalised, and reworked our own documentary recordings and master tapes. Incestuous thievery, a delicate decadence. We believe that the omnipresence of sampling nand cut-up technologies will probably be seen as one of the most significant tooling developments for Cultural Engineering. For the first TIME in Astory everysound ever recorded in any medium is potentially available to anyone to be used, twisrted, mutilated, enhanced, driven through it’s own perceptual perceptual envelope and turned into whatever dream takes our fancy, only to be processed, sampled, looped and mutated into something else by another.”

“The most basic survival tool, and terrorist weapon we might have, is the principle of “Cutting-Up” through which, a symbiotic relationship with the language of synchronicity can be established. “When in doubt, cut it up.” as Burroughs said in 1956, “…to see what’s really there.” Sample it, rebuild it.”

Thee Memium IS thee Mass Edge Brother Genesis

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